Description Edit

Soulbeasts are, as the name implies, beasts that can hone their souls. They can be described as the soul cultivators of beasts. Just like soul cultivators, they have tremendous power, and from a certain perspective, they even have some unique, special advantages…such as their lifespan. For soul cultivators, upon reaching the Soul Sprite level, living to be 150 is no problem at all. At the Soul Emperor level, one can live up to 300 years. But for a soul beast, upon reaching the fourth level, they can live at least three hundred years. At the sixth level, they can live at least five hundred years. The more powerful they are, they longer they live.

In terms of power, soulbeasts are divided into nine tiers, with each rank divided into early, middle, and late stages. These are equivalent in power to a soul cultivator of the same rank. For example, an early-stage third-tier beast is actually comparable to an early-stage Soul Warrior.